You enter the room. The door closes behind you. Now you’re on your own. What’s supposed to be mysterious about this? But wait, what’s scribbled on that note you just found behind the curtain? The riddle will unlock the safe. Maybe the hook on the ceiling has got something to do with it?

  • A trend from Asia is spreading into the European capitals: Room Escape Games
  • A group of players solve a case in a mysterious room
  • The real life event for snoopers, code crackers and team players: Escape the Room Berlin!


After booking a time slot you arrive as a team and enter the mysterious room. But there’s more to this than finding the key to exit again: Search for evidence, eliminate wrong suspects and solve a thrilling criminal case. You’ve got one hour, not a second longer…

  • Hidden hints, ridiculous riddles, gimmicky gadgets – there are things to to for everybody
  • Watch, smell, hear, taste, discover, combine – versatile mind-boggling fun as a team
  • One hour thrilling entertainment in this escape game – go try something new


Who will enjoy this game? Whether you’re a group of friends, a family or colleagues: hobby detectives of all kinds will love our room – in either German or English. The difficulty range was set to accommodate different kinds of skills: the younger snoopers and elderly agents will surely be able to contribute!

  • For friends and families: Our live escape game in Berlin as a fun event or special gift
  • For tourists and guests: Berlin clever, thrilling, inside
  • For companies: A new kind of team event or recruiting highlight


She needs your help. The German Secret Service’s headquarters is in danger. But people think the former special agent is crazy for saying so. Only together you can prevent a catastrophe.

She investigated, inquired, did her research. She’s absolutely sure, now: Someone is planning to break into the most secret area of the new BND Headquarters. An enemy in the German Secret Service building! She tried over and over again to warn them – nobody wants to listen. Instead, they want to lock her up now! She has five suspects on her list, but who is the target person? The high-ranking agent or the inconspicuous secretary? The clever data analyst? Is the stereotypical gardener the murderer? Or maybe the chef likes to play with fire a little too much?

Search, think, wrack your brains, crack codes and draw conclusions – immerge into the world of profilers and special agents with our escape game. You are right at the center of a thrilling case. Become Sherlock Holmes, Miss Marple, Hercule Poirot, Columbo, MacGyver, Carrie Mathison, Horatio Caine or Mister T. Solve the case like you saw it’s done in Homeland, CSI, Criminal Minds and True Detectives! Are you ready for your Room Escape Berlin Mission?

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One of the most exciting spots in Berlin: The German Secret Service’s new headquarters. Not but the setting for our Berlin live escape game story – you are going to investigate across the street!

With its 260.000 m² the new BND headquarters in Chausseestraße (ext. Friedrichstraße) is quite the monument within close proximity of the city center. Shaded interception proof windows: But what is going on inside? To solve the case your contact has set up a private office right nearby – in an unsuspicious building right across the street. A Room-Escape experience with perfect match of story and location.

Mission: Accepted!
Chausseestraße 52
10115 Berlin

  • Getting there by bike/car: Follow Friedrichstraße northwards from the city center until it is called Chausseestraße. It is impossible to miss the BND HQ to your left. Right across the street to your right, you will find us.
  • Getting there by U-Bahn: Take Subway U6 to “Schwartzkopffstraße”. We are just a few steps from the station.


  • 2 People
  • 29€
    per person
  • The hardest challenge possible: Stop the bomber with two people! Wanted: blind trust, clicking in synch, and the power of two brains.
  • overall price: 58€
  • 3 People
  • 24€
    per person
  • The Three Investigators showed how it’s done: investigate anything. All good things come in threes: Can you crack our case with a team of three?
  • overall price: 72€
  • 4 People
  • 21€
    per person
  • The A-Team proved that everybody can focus on his strongest skills when you are four. Cleverness, skill, strength – you’ll need it all.
  • overall price: 84€
  • 5 – 15 People
  • 19€
    per person
  • Real Crime Team Event! Up to 15 people play at the same time. More than 9 participants: Battle mode! 2 teams playing against each other in 2 identical rooms!
  • overall price: from 95€ on

Your prefered time slot is already sold out? Please don’t hesitate to contact us via e-mail or via phone +49 3024334497. We might have spots spontaneously available for you!


“Just one more thing”, said the man with the crinkled beige trench coat and turned around yet again. In case you feel like Inspector Columbo, we hope to answer your questions here. 

+ How many people can play “Mission: Accepted!” at a time?

We have two rooms at the moment. One room is for max. 6 players, the other one for max. 9 players. In total 15 people can play at the same time.

+ What are your opening hours?

You can play daily (Monday to Saturday) between 09:30am and 8:00pm. Please check and book available slots via the booking page

+ What’s the minimum age to play?

Children younger than 14 are only allowed to play in company of a grown up. The grown up person can also watch from outside. The game was designed to accommodate different age groups and the younger detectives might even be better at some of the riddles…

+ Which languages can we play in?

You can play in either English or German as you prefer. The game works mostly without any text, though. So basic command is fully sufficient.

+ Should we wear special cloths?

No, come as you like. Since you will be moving around inside the room for an hour, make sure you are comfortably dressed.

+ Do you have to know a lot to solve the game?

No, we designed the game so that no prior knowledge is needed. With common sense, teamwork and clever ideas you’ll solve it. And in case you really get stuck, the game master can help you out with hints.

+ How long is a game?

A round of our game takes max. 60 minutes. You’ll get a short introduction before the start, so please be at the location 15 minute early.

+ What happens if we can’t solve a riddle?

A game master will be supervising your efforts from next door. He will send you hints on a screen in case you really get stuck.

+ Do you record us?

No, the cameras and microphones in the rooms are for live supervision by the game master during play, only. We do not save the video or audio files.

+ Do you really lock the room?

No, for security reasons we have to leave the room unlocked. You can visit the restrooms any time you like.

+ How about physical disabilities?

The game is played on the first floor of a building without elevator. We can, therefore, not guarantee barrier-free access for wheelchairs. People suffering from claustrophobia should tkae not that the room can not be left open during play and does not have windows.

+ Where in Berlin can we find “Mission: Accepted!”?

Our location is very central in Chausseestr. 52 in Berlin Mitte, right next to U-Bahn station Schwarzkopffstraße (U6). A more detailed description can be found here.

+ How can we book “Mission: Accepted”?

Please visit our booking section and choose your team size. You’ll be able to select a free time slot in the next step.

+ Which payment methods do you accept?

We accept payments in cash and via paypal. Please select your method during booking.

+ Do you sell gift vouchers?

Sure, please contact us with voucher requests. We offer a wider range of options which make great gifts for various occasions. After payment, we will send the vouchers immediately via e-mail.

+ Can we book “Mission: Accepted!” for our company/department?

Yes, the game makes for an excellent team building event! Not just for your department or team, but also as part of a recruitment or assessment process. Cleverness aside, the game demands team spirit, task prioritization, creativity, logic, time management – and is great fun at the same time! An exciting alternative to climbing towers, bowling or excursions.

+ Is the game suitable for pregnant women?

Yes. Everything is easy to reach and there’s a chair in the room, so you don’t have to stand the whole time.

+ What happens if one person can’t join?

No problem. Please call us, if your less than 10 now, because then you will play in one room instead of two. You can also rebook, don’t hesitate to call us.

+ Can a additional person join?

Yes, of course. We got space für 15 persons. The additional person can pay directly on the location.

+ Can I bring my dog?

Yes, if he stays in the room and you ensure, he won’t destroy anything.

+ Can I bring my baby/child?

Of course.